Workers may not even apply if they perceive the application process to be difficult or think they won’t be eligible. This impression is sometimes based on incomplete or erroneous information or arises from the fact that eligibility requirements are complex.


  1. Streamline referral processes. Consider use of platforms like NCCare360 or Aunt Bertha that permit agencies to share their program missions, services and requirements with each other. Consider utilizing a universal application to reach across programs and systems. This can also promote collaboration among agencies.
  2. Examine eligibility requirements and attempt to/advocate for streamlining and simplification.
  3. Offer virtual information sessions through which Workers can learn about services and eligibility programs in a way that is focused on empowerment and upward mobility, and is not perceived as threatening or difficult.
  4. Familiarize agency leadership with additional Policy Recommendations which are being considered nationally to address challenges associated with the Benefits Cliff to create opportunities for advocacy and alignment when considering recommendations for state and federal policy change.