A reliable form of transportation is also critical, but a breakdown can prevent you from getting to work on time. Public transportation is available but not always convenient. Explore these strategies in advance so that you will be ready if the car will not start one morning.


  • Explore the bus and light rail routes that might work for you. CATS (Charlotte Area Transportation System) offers information on routes and fares for bus and light rail, as well as a free streetcar in the uptown area called City LYNX Gold Line. The CATS website has a lot of helpful information. Charlotte Area Transit System > Home (
  • Carpools might be an option to explore. Some employers offer help coordinating with workers who live near you. CATS (Charlotte Area Transportation System) also has a program called ETC. Employers who are interested in supporting car pooling can designate an Employee Transportation Coordinator to partner with CATS. Employees can get a 10% discount on transit passes. Your employer may want to explore this at ETC > Home (