Workers struggling to balance tight budgets often make poor short-term decisions to make “the pain stop.” They can fall victim to predatory lenders and accumulate debt via payday loans, title loans, etc.


  1. Offer alternative options for Workers facing a financial crunch. Commonwealth Charlotte offers low-interest loans which can help with reducing debt while improving credit scores, as well as can assist with the establishment of household budgets to build emergency savings.
  2. Consider offering Your Money, Your Goals curriculum, including assessment of financial wellness, as well as other opportunities to increase financial literacy to Workers.
  3. Explore wealth-building programs and make Workers aware of available options. For non-profits, explore opportunities for Trust-Based Philanthropy to assist in this area.
  4. Partner with credit unions and offer referrals to help Workers open checking accounts. Commonwealth Charlotte also offers assistance in these areas.
    Utilize the CLIFF Dashboard to discuss and offer employment opportunities which promote Economic Mobility and Career Progression to assist Workers with preventing the effects of the Benefits Cliff.